Welcome To Divine Timing Creations

Welcome to Divine Timing Creations! Take a look browse around and while you're browsing; I would like to give you a brief background about myself and why I decided to start Divine Timing Creations. I've worked in the healthcare field for nearly 20 years. Some facilities would give their employees uniforms, that not only felt uncomfortable but were made with poor quality and poor sense of style. One day I had a vision on how I would like to see Doctor's, Nurse's, Nurse Practitioner's, CNA's, Medical Assistant's, Dentist, MUA's, Daycare facilities, Lash techs, Nail techs and Estheticians any age, shape, or ethnicity wearing a certain type of brand uniform. That's when I decided to create Divine Timing Creations, these uniforms make you look good on the outside the way you feel on the inside, but it also makes you feel vibrant, confident, fierce and ready to tackle the day. Here at Divine Timing Creations our uniforms are all purpose and versatile. Imagine after work you need to go to a meeting or event, no need to change just slip off your work shoes, put on a pair of flats or heels and your ready to go for this event or meeting. I hope while wearing Divine Timing Creations you will not only enjoy wearing these scrubs but you will also be apart of my unique vision.

Best Wishes,

Owner of Divine Timing Creations